Crossing selling service : the core business strategy for the health clubs

The fitness center business planning must take into account the sales potential, not only in the center of the subscriptions, but also of ancillary services. The latter must be understood as additional to 'subscription, is ranging sold to those who have already bought the basic subscription. We must take into account that, a center with ancillary services, such as massages, spa packages, services of personal trainers, must provide a development potential of 20% in addition to basic subscriptions. It 'clear that we need a precise procedure to develop the sale of add-on packages that is the basis of a cross-selling strategy.
For cross-selling (cross-selling) means that strategy and sales technique which aims to offer the customer the purchase of a second supplementary or additional service on the first.
The cross-selling becomes a sales technique when the instructor, in the technical initial check-in or check verification, proposes systematically to a second service customer, complementary or additional to the first, the one actually required, according to the characteristics of the person.
In this case it opens an unexplored market and surprising potential
Through the sale of services leads to two strategic objectives:
Customer loyalty / increase the value of the company.
We can say that customer loyalty is based on the two pillars of satisfaction and the so-called “cross-selling”. The cross-selling actions are important because they allow increasing revenue, and because increase the strength of the customer in the face of competitive offerings. Do not forget that when you do not seize the opportunities of cross-selling you leave space to enter competition at our customer.